Wood Birdhouse Sweetheart Cottage

SKU: HB-9516S
  • $59.95
  • Save $20

This darling Sweetheart Cottage is perfect for your beloved backyard birds. Let them enjoy their spring nesting season in comfort including the all wood structure, ventilation, drainage and cute heart cut out which allows them easy access in or out. The effortless clean out and simple paddle on the back for hanging allows birds to return every season to this decorative home. Details include a smart pine roof for protection, white and yellow contrasting paint ,window boxes filled with pink buds add an elegant simplicity. This house is a must. The perfect complement to the Rosemary Cottage, which can he hung in the same local creating the perfect bird sanctuary. Item Dimensions: 6.25”H X 8.75”W X 7.5”D Hole 1.25"

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