Beer Stein Battle of Teutoburg Forest Relief Limitaet LE, 2017 Beer Steins -

Beer Stein Battle of Teutoburg Forest Relief Limitaet LE

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  • Beer Stein Battle of Teutoburg Forest
  • Limited edition 2.500 pieces
  • Hand Painted  
  • Hand Crafted by Old World German Craftsman 
  • Stoneware with pewter lid
  • Approx. 15 inches tall 
  • 2 liters 
  • Sculpted by an unknown Mastermodeller around the year 1895, this magnificent stein portrays the historic Battle of the Teutoburg Forest (located in the northwest of Germany) in the year 9 CE (AD)
  • The utter annihilation of three Roman legions under Commander Varus by an alliance of 50 Germanic tribes led by Arminus (Hermann, in German) is considered to be Rome's greatest defeat and one of the most decisive battles in history. More than 20,000 Romans lost their lives and many more were led into slavery
  • As a result of this victory, Germania remained independent from Roman rule
  • The central panel of the stein portrays Hemann on horseback leading his fellow tribal warriors in the decisive attack against the Roman legions, forcing their battle formation to disintegrate.
  • Manufacturers Logo Stamped on Bottom
  • On the side of stein says: Das Leben ist ein Würfelspiel. Wir würfeln alle Tage. Dem einen gibt das Schicksal viel, dem anderen Müh’ und Plage. Translation - Life is a game of dice, that every day we roll, to some it brings good fortune, and from others takes its toll
  • King-Werks is one of the few German Beer Stein companies in Germany that still produce all of their steins in Germany with German labor and German made materials

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