Military Beer Steins Berlin Airlift

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This stein was created to document the progression of events leading up to and through the life of the Berlin Airlift and to honor those who participated in protecting the freedom of West Berlin.

The body of the stein is a smooth, black glazed, high quality stoneware decorated with a platinum wrap around design. Along the top border are the words, DIE HISTORIE DER BERLINER LUFTBRüCKE, translated as The History of the Berlin Airlift.

The left side of the platinum design features several images of airplanes, a portrait of General Lucius D. Clay, and a map of Berlin with the airlift drop points. It also includes the first half of a timeline, completely in German, detailing events and accomplishments of the Berlin Airlift beginning March 30, 1948 and continuing through August 1, 1948.

The right side of the platinum design features several more images of airplanes, a portrait of Captain Gail S. Halverson and a sketch of a airlift plane being unloaded for a crowd of people.

The timeline from the left side is completed on the right beginning with August 15, 1948 and concluding with September 30, 1949. A pewter medallion featuring a map of Berlin surrounded by monuments, the British Flag, the American Flag and the words Berlin Airlift; Berliner Luftbrücke; 1948 - Berlin-Blockade - 1949, is fixed on the center of the stein opposite the handle.

Above the pewter badge is a portrait of Oberbürgermeister Ernst Reuter and below the badge are images of an airplane being loaded and unloaded. The stein is completed by an ornamental pewter lid with an intricately detailed pewter figurine of an airplane fixed to the top of it.

  • Limited edition of 5,000 individually numbered pieces.
  • Material: Stoneware 
  • Origin: Germany 
  • Volume: 0.75 L 
  • Dimensions: 9 in.

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