German Made Beer Stein Chemist

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Stoneware, raised-relief decoration. This reproduction of an antique portrays a medieval chemist preparing a potion and recording his results. The phrase on both sides of the scene is translated to read in me is truth, I cannot lie, one drinks no poison from a stein such as this.The stein has an unusually tapered upper body and flared base. Special emerald/cobalt multicolor handpainted decoration, with twelve different subject colors, antique glazed finish, and gold-leaf accents. A miniature mortar and pestle is mounted on the pewter lid.

  • Limited Edition of 10,000 pieces
  • About 2,500 pieces will be offered in this version.
  • Material: Stoneware 
  • Origin: Germany 
  • Volume: 0.50L 
  • Dimensions: 8-1/4"

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