Cuckoo Clock

Fisherman Cuckoo Clock raises pole

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  • 10" H Chalet Cuckoo Clock
  • 1 Day movement cuckoo clock
  • Shingled roof and extreme attention to detail
  • All brass mechanical movement
  • Cuckoo bird cuckoos the hour at the top of every hour Fisherman raises pole up & down at the top of every hour
  • Hand-carved by master craftsman in the Black Forest of Germany
  • This Black Forest cuckoo clock case features a fisherman fishing by a small pond with hand-carved trees and a dog surrounding the fisherman.
  • The shingled roof and attention to detail make this clock a magnificent addition to any home or lodge.
  • On every hour the fisherman raises his pole, with a fish on the line, as the cuckoo clock cuckoos. (Example: At one o'clock the bird will cuckoo once. At eight o'clock the bird will cuckoo eight times)
  • The half hour is announced with one cuckoo call.
  • There is also a manual night shut off switch that allows you to mute the cuckoo sound and stop the fisherman from fishing.
  • Two cast iron pine cone weights are suspended beneath the clock case by two separate brass chains.
  • The hand-made pendulum continuously swings back and forth controlling the timing of the clock.
  • The 30 hour all brass mechanical Regula movement is wound once per day by raising the two pine cone weights.
  • One weight powers the time and the other weight powers the cuckoo, cuckoo call, and the fisherman.

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