Old Fashioned Wind Up Alarm Clock with Double Bells Gold/Brass

SKU: Nmm11160200
  • $89.85
  • Save $20

4″W x 6″H x 2″D

  • Mechanical brass movement, made in Europe
  • Mechanism features solid brass plates, brass gears, and steel shafts and pivots
  • Loud alarm bells
  • Offset seconds and alarm dials
  • Easy-to-read Arabic numerals
  • Sternreiter is pleased to present a collection of mechanical, spring-wound alarm clocks. These traditional pieces are all metal, with a high-quality mechanism. The loud alarm will wake even the deepest sleeper.

    Easy to use, easy to set, fun to own!

    The Sternreiter alarm clocks are sought after worldwide for their quality mechanisms. Most clock makers stopped using these quality materials 50 years ago because it was too expensive in a competitive market. Sternreiter alarm clocks are inexpensive and can be maintained and passed on to your grandchildren.

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