Cuckoo Clock

German Cuckoo Clock Bears

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10" H Bear Cuckoo Clock

Beautifully carved clock case and roof

Hand-carved bears and tree

High quality brass mechanical movement

Wind the clock once per day by pulling the chains Made and tested in the Black Forest of Germany

This hand-carved Black Forest cuckoo clock displays two bears .

On the top of every hour the cuckoo clock cuckoos. (Example: At one o'clock the bird will cuckoo once. At eight o'clock the bird will cuckoo eight times) The half hour is announced with one cuckoo call.

There is also a manual night shut off switch that allows you to mute the cuckoo sound. Two cast iron pine cone weights are suspended beneath the clock case by two separate brass chains. The hand-made pendulum continuously swings back and forth controlling the timing of the clock.

The 30 hour all brass mechanical Regula movement is wound once per day by raising the two pine cone weights. One weight powers the time and the other weight powers the cuckoo and cuckoo call.

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