Cuckoo Clock

Germany Black Forest Novelty Kids Clock Chalet Bird

SKU: R2070Q-06
  • $89.95
  • Save $30

  • 6" H x 5.75" W x 3.25" D 
  • Blue bird moves back and forth
  • Man and woman swing back and forth on the pendulum swing
  • Accurate quartz movement
  • Made in the Black Forest of Germany
  • Covered by a one year limited warranty
  • This chalet style quartz clock has a swinging couple on the pendulum.
  • The case also has hand-painted flowers and a water-pump. T
  • he blue bird above the clock dial continuously moves back and forth as the brass pendulum beneath the clock swings.
  • This clock does not have a cuckoo bird or cuckoo sound.
  • This clock is hand-made in the Black Forest of Germany. 

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