German Beer Steins Jousting

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Stoneware, raised-relief and applied decoration. The dynamic design of 19th-Century sculptor Peter Duemler has been reproduced as a majestic masterpiece, forging black glazed stoneware, relief pewter, and gold-leaf accents. A massive pewter band blankets the entire center of the stein body. The main subject is a medieval tournament. Knights on horseback are jousting. Others compete with swords and shields. A gold-plated Crown and Eagle Crest is framed by banners, weapons, and four handpainted gold rings. A knight helmet thumblift has a rotating face guard. A pewter knight on horseback with gold-plated lance is mounted on the pewter lid. The stein is made by Thewalt, Germany, the figurine is made by Gallo, USA.

Limited edition of only 2,000 pieces!

Material: Stoneware
Origin: Germany
Volume: 1.50L
Dimensions: 15-1/2"

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