Cuckoo Clock

Modern Quartz Cuckoo Clock White Filigree Design

  • $319.85
  • Save $129

Unique White Filigree Design Musical Quartz Cuckoo Clock 8" W x 12" H x 5" D Plays 12 Musical Tunes! Laser-Cut Vines & Flowers Design Made in German y Shut-off switch This is a beautiful and lovingly crafted piece is designed by the award-winning Conny Haas. Combining stylistic cues from centuries-old clock making with modern design, this clock is a real treasure. It fits perfectly in a very traditional or very modern decor. This fine clock features an animated cuckoo bird which appears and calls the hour and half hour along with the sound of a rushing waterfall and other birds of the forest. It is by Rombach und Haas exclusive

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