Real Bone

Cuckoo Clocks Real Bone

SKU: N8226
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  • 12"H x 10"W x 6"D
  • 8 Day Movement Musical Cuckoo Clock
  • Features Incredibly detailed carvings of vines, grape leaves, birds
  • Manual Night Shut-Off Switch
  • Bone dial, numbers, hand, and cuckoo bird
  • Imported from the Black Forest of Germany
  • Cuckoo's once on each 1/2 hour
    & each hour the number of hours.
  • Precision Brass 8 Day weight driven movement
  • Pine Cone finish cast iron weights
  • Wood Carved Pendulum
  • Manufacturer: Sternreiter
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Made in the Black Forest of Germany
  • Certified by the VDS.
  • Were pleased to offer a very special piece from this new and very talented carver. This clock features real bone carvings, including the top piece and the entire front carving. The beautifully detailed hands are carved from bone, as well as decorations on the sides, cuckoo door, and pendulum. There is a long tradition of antique Black Forest clocks to have beautifully hand-carved bone hands. This clock extends that tradition by exhibiting the bone hands along with an elaborately carved bone front and other details. Notice the exceptional detail on the birds wings, the feathers and beaks. Each leaf is carefully carved with fantastic expression. You can see the veins on each leaf, as well as the articulated vines and grapes! The clock is diminutive, but extraordinary in its presence.

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