German Made Cuckoo Clocks Oktoberfest Musicians, 8 Day Musical Chalet Cuckoo Clocks -

German Made Cuckoo Clocks Oktoberfest Musicians

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Unique German Chalet Cuckoo Clock with music

Solid Linden Wood

Dimensions: 18" H x 21" W x 10" D

8 Day Mechanical Movement

Mechanical brass movement is driven by three weights

The clock strikes on the hour with music the exact number of the hour and once on the half-hour

The door opens, a cuckoo appears and cuckoo's from the two wooden whistles with bellows inside while the clock’s gong strike.

See the Exquisite Detail Carving and color !

Features moving horse coachman , Octoberfest beer waitress, and waterwheel turns

Handcrafted Pendulum

Manual Night Shut-Off Switch

Hand Carved from Wood by Old World Craftsman

Fantastic charm for your decor featuring Old World craftsmanship

Made in the Black Forest of Germany by Schneider certified by the VDS

2 Year Warranty

The love and novelty of the Unique cuckoo clock has existed for centuries. Cuckoo clocks started appearing in the Black Forest region of Germany in the 1700s. Black Forest German Cuckoo Clocks are always in demand for their intricate designs, unique hand made craftsmanship and reliability. The first known cuckoo clocks were built between 1740 and 1750. Their history , tradition, quality, and their unique style have captured the hearts of people for centuries. Enjoy your Octoberfest German Made Chalet Cuckoo Clocks imported from the Black Forest!

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