Siegfrieds Departure with 3D Dragon

German Stein Siegfrieds Departure with 3D Dragon

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  • Siegfried the Dragon Slayers Departure Beer Stein
  • 2,500 piece limited edition
  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • Hand painted
  • Made from stoneware with dragon pewter lid
  • Approximately 12.25 inches tall (31cm)
  • .75 Liter
  • Stamped on bottom with Manufacturers Logo
  • This scene is taken from the medieval German legend of the Nibelungs.
  • Siegfried departs from his wife Krimhild to fight the Dragon, which guards a massive depot of Gold After he kills the Dragon, Siegfried bathes in its blood, giving him invulnerability. During this bath, a leave falls from a tree onto the back of his shoulder leaving this little section human. This will later be used by his enemy Hagen von Tronje, to murder him during a Bear hunt
  • Manufactured by King-Werks King-Werks, also know as Wuerfel and Mueller, is one of the few remaining German stein companies that still produce 100% of their steins in Germany with 100% German materials and labor

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