Mechanical Mantel Clock Sloan

SKU: NMM80837304
  • $479.85
  • Save $120

10″W x 14″H x 6″D

  • Solid-wood case, Oak finish
  • Hinged front door with crystal glass and brass hinges
  • Beautiful floral design
  • Arabic numerals
  • German-made mechanism
  • Quarter-hour Westminster chime on tuned steel rods
  • Runs eight days on one wind
  • 2-year warranty
  • A Sternreiter original
  • A traditional style at an affordable price. This clock has exceptional quality. The crystal glass is held in place with wood strips and brass screws. The door has brass hinges. The dial has an exceptionally beautiful design.

    The mechanism is made in Germany and features quarter-hour Westminster chimes.

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