Steinbach Nutcrackers Woodland Santa, 2017 Steinbach Nutcrackers -

Steinbach Nutcrackers Woodland Santa

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Handmade Collectible 2017 Steinbach German Nutcrackers

New Series - 1st in the New America Santa Series

Height: 18"

Quality Handcrafted from Wood imported from Germany by Old World Craftsmen

Exquisite history, detail, material, and tradition.

Add this NEW SERIES Woodland Santa Steinbach Christmas Nutcracker to your collection today

The Christmas Nutcracker Tradition began in the Alpine regions of Germany.
In legend, the German Nutcracker has miraculous powers to bring good fortune and protection. Hand-made by traditional German woodworkers for generations.
Treasure your Collectible German Wooden Nutcracker as they are handed down in families for generations. The history, quality, detail, and superior craftsmanship of German Christmas Nutcrackers are unmatched!

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