Glass Beer Steins USA

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  • For many of us, being American is a celebration of our uniquely rich, diverse and integrated nation. 
  • As our country's motto states, E. PLURIBUS UNUM (FROM MANY, ONE) we are truly a nation of mixed ethnic and ancestral backgrounds. 
  • Because of our proud, united heritage, we celebrate the United States in our Glass Heritage Series. 
  • The stars and stripes are the inspiration for the red/white/blue 3-color print that is high fired and wraps around the steins glass body. 
  • Laurel wreaths and bunting complete the body design. 
  • An embossed pewter appliqué featuring a proud bald eagle perched upon a USA banner is permanently attached to the glass body. 
  • The embossed pewter lid is decorated with an eagle clutching arrows and wreaths in its talons and holding an E. PLURIBUS UNUM banner in its beak. 
  • A USA shield completes the lid design. 
  • The border of the lid is decorated with alternating stars and eagle feathers.
  • Material: Glass 
  • Origin: Germany 
  • Volume: 0.40L 
  • Dimensions: 7-1/4"

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