Military Beer Stein USA Panorama Stein

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Stoneware, handpainted raised relief decoration. This stein features a myriad of landmarks from around the United States including: the Big Apple, the White House, the Gate to the West, the Liberty Bell, Hollywood, the Statue of Liberty, Cape Canaveral, Mount Rushmore, Capitol Hill, Las Vegas, the Windy City, Steamer, and the Mayflower. Around the top of the stein, each of the fifty states are egraved into the stoneware and the handle features the words, "Land Of The Free," on one side and, "Home Of The Brave," on the other. Around the base of the stein are various photos of wildlife found in the United States including: an elk, a mountain lion, a grizzly bear, a bald eagle, a wolf, a bison, and a horse. A conical pewter lid completes this piece.

Limited edition of 10,000 pieces.

Material: Stoneware
Origin: Germany
Volume: 1.00 L
Dimensions: 12-1/4 in.

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