Mantel Mechanical Clock Whistling Man

SKU: NMU21402310
  • $2,699.95
  • Save $300

6″W x 15″H x 5″D

  • German-made mechanisms and carving
  • Hand painted, hand carved
  • 2-year warranty
  • Play Sound

    This hand-carved and hand-painted curiosity is a guaranteed conversation piece. Tiny bellows push air through an automated slide whistle which produces the complex little tune. While whistling, the man moves his head from side to side.

    Clock Peddlers in the Black Forest used to carry their wares on a large backpack. As this figure whistles his tune, one might imagine a Clock Peddler wandering over the hills and through storybook forests hundreds of years ago.

    These pieces are truly fascinating. Housed inside the body is a tiny mechanical mechanism with bellows and a multi-pitch whistle that plays a tune on demand. The mechanism is made by hand in Germany and is completely mechanical without any use of speakers or electronics. These are mechanical-musical instruments.

    The clock is also completely mechanical and completely functional. The pendulum moves from side to side.

    The melody is intricate, complete with vibrato, melismatic lines, and precise articulation.

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