Winston Churchill Bulldog

Beer Stein Winston Churchill Bulldog

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This is our 12th edition in our Mans Best Friend Series and our fifth Bulldog Stein. On this occasion, the Bulldog is impeccably dressed as Winston Churchill complete with full suit, cravat, top hat, and pocket watch chain. His shirt sports the pattern of the British Flag. He is holding a lit cigar and next to him is the remainder of a carton of Churchill cigars. He is the perfect companion to the cigar smoker & historian, always enjoying the finer things in life. The handle of the stein is an umbrella. As with its predecessors, the Winston Churchill Bulldog Stein is porcelain and hand painted.

Limited edition of 5,000 pieces.

Material: Porcelain
Origin: Germany
Volume: 0.75L
Dimensions: 11-1/4"

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