Wood Sawing Men

Battery Cuckoo Clock Wood Sawing Men

SKU: B6219TQ
  • $699.85
  • Save $300

  • 12" Wood Sawing Lumberjacks
  • Quartz Cuckoo Clock
  • Animated Sawing Men,
    Waterwheel, & Dancers!
  • Cuckoos with babbling brook sound
  • Beautifully Hand-Carved from wood
  • Imported from the Black Forest of Germany
  • Cuckoo's on each hour the number of hours.
  • Precision Quartz Movement
  • Battery Operated Cuckoo Clock with electric eye is silent when their is no light (off at night).
  • Manufacturer: Hones
  • Wood Carved Pendulum
  • 1 Year Warranty

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